April 30: This day in sci-fi history

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Apr 30, 2017, 3:02 PM EDT

Today in sci-fi history, we have a real doozy. In 1923, Al Lewis was born. Grandpa Munster himself. Lewis started in Vaudeville, worked his way through character roles on television, was a regular guest on Howard Stern, and late in life, ran for governor of New York (yes!), opened a deli and a comedy club. He died in 2006. 

Tonight is also Walpurgis Night -- which is one of those holidays that your nerdier friends return from Europe babbling about. The celebration is the feast to celebrate Saint Walpurga, who was a German nun from the 8th century. It’s sort of turned into a creepshow of a holiday where people gather to basically practice witchcraft with bonfires and dancing. Like May Day, Walpurgis Night is meant to be a celebration of the return of springtime, but is often called “the other Halloween.” Look, if you can get to a bonfire, enjoy yourself. 

Tomorrow: Let’s Hear it for New York!