April 5 in Twilight Zone History: Happy Birthday to Roger Davis ('Spur of the Moment')

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Apr 5, 2018

Today, April 5th, This Day in Twilight Zone History and The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia wish Happy Birthday to actor Roger Davis, who turns 79 today.

Davis starred as David Mitchell, the love struck suitor of Anne Henderson (Diana Hyland), in "Spur of the Moment." Complicating his efforts to woo Anne are three seemingly insurmountable obstacles: 1) she's engaged to Robert Blake (Robert Hogan); 2) Her parents (Marsha Hunt, Philip Ober) can't stand him; and 3) There's a strange black-suited banshee riding around the countryside trying to warn Ann about something dire.

The fact that she appears to be Anne's older doppelganger makes it all the more unsettling.


Anne Henderson (Diana Hyland, right) as she looks with David Mitchell (Roger Davis, left) in the future of "Spur of the Moment." Life is not as rosy as it appears. 

Davis, a Louisville, Kentucky native (born Jon Roger Davis), made his television debut as Roger Gibson, a World War II U.S. Army infantryman in The Gallant Men (1962-1963, 26 episodes). He later had recurring roles on Dark Shadows (1968-1970, 128 episodes as Charles Delaware Tate, Peter Bradford, Dirk Wilkins, and Jeff Clark); and Alias Smith and Jones (1971-1973, 48 episodes as the Narrator and Hannibal Heyes). Davis made his feature debut as an uncredited radioman in PT 109 (1963), then followed with the role of Charlie in Ride the Wild Surf (1964).


For Anne Henderson (Diana Hyland), passion overtakes common sense in "Spur of the Moment." David Mitchell (Roger Davis, left) has won her heart. 

So let's raise a slice of birthday cake to Mr. Davis, his tenacious character portrayal of David Mitchell, and another puzzle piece of that whip-cracking television series that always delivers: The Twilight Zone.

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