April Fool's Day brings this hilarious mashup of Star Wars and Pixar

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Apr 2, 2015, 10:52 AM EDT (Updated)

From Nathan Fillion announcing he's retiring from acting to playing Pac-Man on Google Maps, April Fool's day pranks are meant to be entertaining. But we didn't expect this particular prank to be heartbreaking -- that is, it's heartbreaking that it isn't real.

A mashup of Star Wars and Pixar's Cars, this entertaining trailer is as light and fluffy as Pixar's own creations. And it has everything a Star Wars fan could possibly want: heroic deeds against the powers of darkness; spaceships spaceships spaceships; a Wilhelm scream. The only thing it sadly lacks is a full-length running time.   

Working under the YouTube moniker Big Bee Studio, Anderson has also created other parodies on his own YouTube channel, such as LEGO The Dark Knight and LEGO The Last of Us.

The trailer runs more like a Valentine's Day present to Star Wars fans than an April Fool's Day joke. Check it out.

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