Aquaman debuts "epic" footage at Cinemacon

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Apr 24, 2018

While the internet has been wondering just where that Aquaman teaser trailer has been -- smelling more trouble in the DCEU, perhaps unjustly -- director James Wan changed all that by showing footage from his upcoming superhero entry at CinemaCon on Tuesday.

From what we’ve heard, Wan is simply trying to get the film looking right since the majority of it takes place, well, underwater. That means a boatload of VFX bigger than star Jason Momoa’s wingspan. So finishing it up and getting it looking completed is a big undertaking, even for a trailer -- especially since doing so would slow down work on completing effects on the rest of the film.

But now, even in its incomplete state, attendees of CinemaCon have seen a glimpse of the upcoming DC film. Though it was obvious that Wan hadn’t gotten it to the perfect state he wanted it at ("I didn't want to bring anything, but they made me," said Wan before they screened anything at all), those who saw the footage had lots to say, including our own Mike Avila:

In addition to being “epic in scale” and filled with “underwater palace intrigue”, the footage also showed Momoa's Aquaman pulling a submarine out of a water, sprawling cityscapes, and plenty of underwater creatures, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The baddies also showed their faces, which means Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Black Manta and Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master turned up.

When that footage will come to the rest of us waiting ever so patiently for it, the answer is likely “when it’s finished.” Wan has shown a lot of openness in his communication with his fans, and seems determined to make things look how he wants before he opens the floodgates of judgement. All we know is it’ll be before Aquaman hits dry land on Dec. 21.

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