Aquaman director James Wan explains recent reshoots to DC solo film

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Apr 17, 2018, 12:58 PM EDT

It’s ironic that the director of Aquaman seems to be putting out fires these days. First off, James Wan needed to dispel rumors that Aquaman would be taking on a trio of villains in his first solo film. Then, he needed to assure fans that they wouldn’t be seeing that “air bubbles for dialogue” effect in his film that was used in Justice League.

And just a few weeks ago, Wan had to explain why we haven’t seen so much as a teaser for Aquaman.

Now, the director is explaining what’s going on with the movie’s pickup shoots. When someone suggested that actor Randall Park would join the cast “as a brand new character” during the reshooting stage, Wan once again took to social media to set the record straight, explaining on Twitter that he “didn’t add a new character now,” and that “Dr Shin was in the script since day one.” 

“I had cast Randall a year ago … but I didn’t shoot his stuff till now,” Wan added. “Hence, it’s literally ‘pickups’ w him. Cheers.”

The rumor that Park would be joining the cast as Dr. Shin at the 11th hour may have been started because of this tweet from Wan earlier last week:


Although we don’t have any detailed information on the character Park will play in the movie, in the DC comic, Dr. Stephen Shin was a friend of a young Arthur Curry pre-Aquaman) who helped Arthur develop his powers. Dr. Shin would eventually turn on Aquaman and try to kill him because he wouldn't reveal the location of Atlantis. Their relationship would change and evolve over the years (since this is a comic book and friends often turn into enemies and then back into friends again and so on and so forth), but Dr. Shin was always an essential character within the Aquaman mythology.

Aquaman, which stars Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard, is set to make waves in theaters on Dec. 21.

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