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Aquaman has an identity crisis in cheeky Entourage parody video

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Dec 19, 2018

As Aquaman splashes into theaters to stunned positivity from critics, one of the hero’s most vocal naysayers is getting a special video of its own. The HBO show Entourage  (which, as a long-running joke, made its lead actor Vinny star in a fictional version of Aquaman directed by James Cameron) is now contending with the fact that a real Aquaman movie is coming out. And well... it’s looking like it’ll probably do just fine despite the superhero’s long-mocked history.

To act as a bit of an apology — or at least defuse some of the “aquward” feelings involved — HBO has released a parody video cobbled together from actual scenes of Entourage in which their star sits down with his friends to watch his premiere as Aquaman... only to see Jason Momoa crashing through rooftops and saving the day. Whoops.

Check it out:

It’s an Arthur Curry identity crisis — featuring one very confused HBO cast. After watching the trailer’s Sicilian chase scene (featuring Mera and Black Manta), Vinny, confused, asks, "Who the f*** was that guy?"

Sorry, Vinny, but the timeline is changing. A director named James did do Aquaman, but that's James Wan and not James Cameron. And it will likely be a hit, but all signs are pointing to Momoa accepting any sequel pitched his way rather than turning it down, like Entourage’s lead did.

There are probably a few more differences between these Aquamen... which fans can count when the film hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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