Aquaman HannaBarbera

Aquaman Fan-Made Hanna Barbera Mash-Up is everything you never knew you needed

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Jul 28, 2018, 1:15 PM EDT

Anyone who grew up watching Super Friends knows that no matter how hunky Jason Momoa is, and despite the fact of the Aquaman sequences being among the best and most watchable parts of Justice League (I for one wished I was already just watching the Aquaman movie while watching JL), our first Aquaman love will always be that inexplicably-orange-shirt-wearing, much-more-explicably-though-still-idiosyncratic-seahorse-riding cartoon Arthur/ Aquaman that Hanna Barbera brought to Saturday morning TV sets from 1973 to 1986

Considering this, when a Youtube user named Darth Blender ("blender" for the way they blend things, we assume, not for the kitchen appliance) recently made a mash-up of the upcoming DC Aquaman trailer and old Hanna Barbera footage, we were all, "Wonder Twins, Activate! Turn into nostalgia! (and a bucket of water!)" (The Wonder Twins were always turning into a bucket of water.)

So without further ado, and with many buckets of cartoon water, here is "Aquaman: Hanna Barbera Style."

We were already super looking forward to the Aquaman release on December 21st, and this loopy trailer only increases the bait. Despite the obvious failings of Justice League, the Aquaman segments on their own more than held water, and DC's standalone Wonder Woman was one of the best comix films of the post Marvel Universe era. There's every reason to believe the upcoming underwater standalone will fare just as well.

But the next time DC wants to go out on a limb with a League film, might we suggest a Super Friends reboot? Or at least the inclusion of Wonder Woman's invisible plane? Certainly couldn't hurt.