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Aquaman featurette offers BTS footage, explores the enigma of the sea

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Nov 13, 2018, 3:52 PM EST

A new featurette for James Wan's upcoming live-action Aquaman movie is here and it's got a lot of behind-the-scenes footage you won't see the in the mainstream trailers.

Clocking in at three minutes, the video includes interviews with Wan and principal members of the cast like Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry), Amber Heard (Mera), Nicole Kidman (Queen Atlanna), Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master), Willem Dafoe (Nuidis Vulko), and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta).

Exploring everything from Arthur's clashing backgrounds, to the terrifying mysteries of the ocean, the featurette is chock full of tidbits about the film that we haven't seen or heard yet. What made it so fun for Wan was creating a submerged civilization that hasn't really been put to film before. 

"You're pretty much just limited by your own imagination," he says in the video. 

Watch it below:

While promoting his book on the making of the film, SYFY WIRE's own Mike Avila told us that Wan had a completely novel way of creating an underwater movie by barely shooting in water. 

"James found a very novel way to work around that," he said. "It’s pretty amazing. The way he shot the movie is pretty revolutionary and it’s also why we didn’t see anything from the movie for a long time. The special effects in this movie are so important to it, that I think he was smart to wait before revealing everything."

You can catch glimpses of that in the featurette, especially at 00:51 seconds. Moreover, we get our first good glimpse of Willem Dafoe's Nuidis Vulko, an Atlantean advisor, who becomes a sort of father figure/mentor to Arthur, teaching the boy how to fight in the ways of Atlantis. 

Aquaman swims into theaters Dec. 21.