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Aquaman fight scene features throw down between Arthur and Orm

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Dec 5, 2018, 2:55 PM EST

With sky-high box office predictions (or ocean-deep, depending on how you look at it) Aquaman is set to impress after countless trailers and plenty of comic convention hype. The Jason Momoa-led DC film will be James Wan’s first foray into superherodom and now the first test of that genre — the superhero fight — has made itself public with some new footage from the showdown between Momoa’s Arthur Curry and his half-brother, Patrick Wilson’s Orm.

Debuted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the fight footage is a bubbly, trident-filled display of how exactly combat works deep underwater. The answer? Basically the same as it does above water, only instead of flying around, the superheroes swim. A unique visual element the sequence implements is whenever the weapons impact, bubble shockwaves ripple out. A less unique visual element is the muddiness with which the characters and backgrounds are filmed, leading to a bit of a muddled fight.

Check it out:

Ah, family. What can you do? Orm uses his father's trident; Aquaman uses their mother's. With action sequences above and below water, it will be fun for fans to see the difference in how their choreography is structured and their visuals displayed — a totally new set of challenges for a superhero film.

Some of the other challenges were discussed by Wilson, who noted that Orm needed to gather four of seven undersea kingdoms in order to become Ocean Master. He also has the line, “Your nation is full of bloated philosophers and flaccid poets,” which, who knows what that means? More understandable was Wilson discussing his workout routine to beef up for the film, which was way more intense than Watchmen. Eating tons of meat and sweet potatoes, gyming five times a week...everyone’s becoming The Rock for superhero movies.

Aquaman finally rides the wave into theaters on Dec. 21.