Aquaman finds Nemo in film’s first teaser poster ahead of SDCC

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Just based on James Wan’s recent teaser pic of Aquaman’s long-awaited Comic-Con trailer (hopefully), we had a sense that the King of the Seven Seas would be sharing his submerged screentime with other spectacular creatures of the deep, particularly those with impressive flukes. 

Further in keeping with that theme, the film's first official poster, which drops just in time for this weekend's SDCC, shows off a vast array of the Marine Marvel’s finned friends, including plenty of orcas, sea turtles, dolphins, rays, and a variety of sharks.


(Credit: Warner Bros.)

But while some of the severe-looking sea beasts look to be holding their rightful place on the food chain, strangely enough, they all kind of look like Nemo’s friends too.

While many thought that DC would be trying to copy the MCU’s every move, it would appear they might be trying to recreate a little of that Disney-Pixar magic as well. Indeed, a pleasant dose of Dori might help to brighten the ever-dour DCEU. 

This first poster seems to support Geoff Johns' recent claim that we're in store for a "big, bright, colorful action film." Certainly, Jason Momoa’s grinning Aquaman suggests a lighter tone, then say, the first official poster for Man of Steel, which dropped just ahead of that film’s 2012 Comic-Con footage debut...


(Credit: Warner Bros.)


For further indication that a softer, gentler, less murderous DCEU is the new norm, we can also look back at the last two films in the Universe, Wonder Woman and Justice League., which were both decidely more upbeat than the two most recent Superman films and Suicide Squad. And say what you will about the Justice League’s success as a whole, but Momoa’s Aquaman was a swashbuckling highlight, and provided plenty of comic relief while still kicking ass, mostly out of his natural element too. 

So when Aquaman opens Dec. 21, 2018, we look forward to seeing what Momoa will do with the role while spending the majority of it under the sea. First though, we look very forward to finally seeing the film’s trailer looks like, hopefully during Warner Bros.’ Hall H program this Saturday, July 21 at San Diego Comic-Con.

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