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Aquaman might actually be a hit for the DCEU, as film passes Venom in pre-sales

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Nov 20, 2018, 4:57 PM EST

For all the DCEU naysayers out there, James Wan’s Aquaman might not be the miss that the ambitious fantasy-inflected underwater adventure initially looked to be — at least if its day-one pre-sales are any indicator. After taking some knocks from its first trailer and having the dorky baggage attached to Aquaman to overcome, the Jason Momoa-led film started scooping up the bucks early — which could indicate a surprise hit.

According to Fandango, Aquaman’s first 24 hours of pre-sales beat out those of supremely successful Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Sony's comparable superhero fare Venom. That bodes very well, especially since the similarly offbeat Venom likely gunned for much of the same audience that consisted of comic book fans, curious filmgoers, and those simply thirsting for the hunky stars.

Fandango presales aren’t always a surefire sign of a hit, but not having great presales is certainly bad news for a superhero film, especially in a year that saw the crushing victory of the pre-sale record-breaking Black Panther at the box office.

Over at Atom Tickets, according to Deadline, the achievement was even bigger for the fishy flick. Aquaman became the service’s top advance ticket seller ever in the first day, overcoming Infinity War’s previous record in the same timespan. The newer Atom has a promotional partnership with Amazon which allows moviegoers to get advanced screenings in some areas.

Not to be outdone, Fandango is offering swag of its own, with five free digital comics coming with their pre-order. They even branded their gift cards for the occasion:

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Source: Fandango

If the ticket-sellers are doubling down on Aquaman, it won’t be surprising that its opening weekend - at the minimum - makes some waves. Aquaman splashes down into theaters on Dec. 21.