First Aquaman trailer surfaces as Jason Momoa’s King of Atlantis dives into Comic-Con

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Jul 21, 2018, 3:27 PM EDT

We may still be months away from the release of DC’s Aquaman, but at least we’ve finally got eyes on how Jason Momoa’s Atlantean adventure — the only live action movie in DC’s theatrical lineup for 2018 — is coming together. 

Warner Bros. just released the first official teaser trailer for the movie at its DC-centric San Diego Comic-Con panel, giving fans of Momoa’s recent turn as Aquaman in Justice League a pretty solid reason to be excited that the King of Atlantis, at long last, is getting a spotlight all to himself.

"My father was a lighthouse keeper.  My mother was a queen. But life has a way of bringing people together," Mamoa intones at the beginning of the clip, which finds Curry's mom, Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), washed ashore, unconscious, next to a ferocious sea and rescued by his dad.

The preview goes on tease moments from Aquaman's childhood such as a scene in an aquarium where some classmates are bullying him for talking to fish (Aquaman does have telekinetic powers after all). Only too bad for them, a couple of very hungry-looking sharks intervene and all the aquarium's creatures come to his defense.

Flash to the present where a smirking Mamoa in all his musclebound glory drops into a submarine, quipping "permission to come aboard." And what follows is one thrilling sequence after another.

We are once again introduced to Amber Heard's Mera who appeared briefly in Justice League and warns Aquaman that his half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), is about to declare war on the surface world. At which point, Aquaman must learn to embrace his royal lineage and take his rightful place on the Atlantean throne to stop his people from making war on surface dwellers they believe are a threat to their way of life.

After that, there's an incredible shot of Atlantis that's certain to give James Cameron's underwater Pandora sequel a run for its money; a battle royale between Aquaman and Orm; a shot of our hero hauling a submarine to the surface singlehandedly; and a deluge of battle scenes from the war that's to come.

Mamoa, naturally, also gets in his fair share of wisecracks while kindling some sparks with Heard, whom he dives after at the end of the trailer when she bails out of a plane without a parachute.

Ahh… young love.

Making a grand entrance at today's Comic-Con panel, Momoa came into Hall H from the middle of the stage through a screen of cascading water - probably carrying the same aqua-proof cell phone, natch, that he held underwater in the teaser he dropped yesterday. He was joined onstage by fellow cast members Heard, Kidman, Wilson and Yahna Adbul-Mateen II along with director James Wan.

According to Wan, Aquaman is "more like a science fiction movie than a superhero film."

Added Kidman who, by the way, is attending her first Comic-Con: "My opening shot in the film is me being washed up on this massive rock, and I thought. 'C'mon, James, the bigger the better."

For a film that saw its share of mixed reviews, one of Justice League’s high points turned out to be Momoa’s unconventionally buff, dark-haired, quident-rocking take on Aquaman, as well as Heard's brief-but-intriguing cameo. Turning a studious, mild-mannered comic book character into a musclebound, seafaring badass was a hit for fans and critics, and sparked plenty of buzz ahead of Aquaman’s end-of-2018 release.

Momoa’s already promised that Aquaman will fill in some of the thematic beats that got only fleeting references in Justice League, noting that lots of Aquaman material was shot for that film but ultimately had to be left on the cutting room floor. “The whole Atlantean part, about me being this reluctant king. There was no need for it because you’re going to see it in Aquaman,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

We’re still a ways off from the movie's December 21, 2018 release date, so we’ll have to surf the wave of anticipation a while longer. But for now, at least we have solid confirmation that DC’s vision to reimagine Aquaman for the big screen is shaping up to make a pretty epic splash.

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