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Arthur Curry's screenwriter teases Aquaman 2 and the horror-based Trench spinoff

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Mar 23, 2020, 12:49 PM EDT

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, screenwriter of Aquaman 2, is beginning to get his toes wet by teasing out the DCEU sequel to Arthur Curry's origin film that turned out to be a massive hit in 2018.

Interacting with folks on Twitter, the superhero scribe (who co-wrote the first Aquaman film with Will Beall) hinted that Black Manta will be the main antagonist by recommending that a fan read any and all Silver Age comics about the villain (played in live action by Candyman's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II).

"We're not taking any one particular comic book story and adapting it, but if you want to know the vibe we're going for, pick up pretty much any Silver Age story featuring Black Manta," wrote Johnson-McGoldrick.

The cinematic scribe also touched on the mysterious spinoff project, which is said to be a horror-inspired movie that explores the Trench kingdom of Lovecraftian fish monsters. We also know it won't be a prequel and is slated to dive into theaters before Aquaman 2 does.

"Theoretically, it takes place between 1 and 2. But some pieces of this is still being worked out," Johnson-McGoldrick explained.

Right now, it's unclear if he's writing the Trench film, too, but since it does take place before the Aquaman follow-up, he must be privy to the general plot outline at the very least.

Production on the Aquaman sequel was set to begin earlier this year, but we imagine it's stalled with all the other WB productions on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic. James Wan's next movie, a classic horror flick titled Malignant, is scheduled to hit theaters this August.

Aquaman 2 swims into theaters Dec. 16, 2022.

Johnson-McGoldrick also wrote The Conjuring's third installment, The Devil Made Me Do It, which arrives in theaters on Friday, Sept. 11, of this year. In yet another Twitter response, the writer promised a major deviation for the Warrens' latest supernatural adventure.

"C3 is a completely different movie than the first two," he wrote. "The franchise is expanding beyond the 'haunted house' formula."

His script for the project, based on an original story he conceived with Wan, was directed by Conjuring Universe alum Michael Chaves (The Curse of La Llorona). Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson return to play paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren.