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Gaming: AR game puts a Pokemon GO twist on sainthood, Spider-Man DLC slinks along with Black Cat, more

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Oct 24, 2018, 12:56 PM EDT

Aaaaaaaaand... we're back with another slate of gaming news!

These 1-ups keeping popping out of dead Goombas, which means we're morally obligated to report the latest developments from the world of gaming as it develops. This time, we've got a holy augmented reality game, some sticky DLC, and spooky Pocket Monsters. 

So, let's get down to the nitty gritty...

Say your prayers, because a Catholic group has released an AR game that is meant to compete with Pokémon GO. No, we're not kidding.

Titled JC Go!, the game was created by the The Ramon Pane Foundation and allows players to find and collect saints and other well-known religious icons for their “evangelization team.”

According to Game Tyrant (working off reports from Eurogamer and the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera), the app was created in honor of Panama's World Youth Day 2019 in January. It also reportedly got the seal of approval from the man himself, Pope Francis. 

JC Go! is now available on Apple and Android devices. 

If you've got Spider-Man for the PS4, then you probably know about our next bit of news involving the latest DLC, "The Heist" storyline with Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy).

"The Heist" is the first installment in an overarching story, "The City That Never Sleeps." The next two bits of DLC — entitled "Turf Wars" and "Silver Lining" — will be released in November and December, respectively. 

The new story revolves around Peter and Mary Jane investigating the robbery of an art museum, the culprit being Black Cat. Created by Marv Wolfman and Dave Cockrum, Hardy started off as your average cat burglar until she began a romantic relationship with Spider-Man. From that point on, she became more of an antihero, often helping the wall crawler defeat criminals. 

The update also includes three new Spidey suits, "including a brand-new, original suit designed exclusively for Marvel’s Spider-Man." 

"The Heist" can be purchased for $9.99 a pop from the PlayStation Store

You just know we have to close things out with another bit of Pokémon GO news.

In honor of Halloween, the game is bringing in the spooky big guns with the introduction of Dark and Ghost-types from the Sinnoh region like Drifloon and Stunky. Ghastly, Duskull, Murkrow, Shuppet, Houndour, and more are also confirmed and "may have increased spawns," says the official website. Moreover, you'll be able to capture the Legendary-type Giratina (basically the Pokémon version of Satan) in Raid Battles. 

Pokemon Go Halloween 2018

Credit: Pokemon Go!

During the Halloween-inspired period, trainers can help Professor Willow out with a limited-time project. He found a strange stone, which caused his lab to play host to a supernatural force. If you want to find out what's haunting Willow's lab, you must complete the research before the allotted spooky time is over!  

While you're at it, you should pick up some swag swag for your avatar in the Style Shop like a Drifloon Cap and a Gengar Backpack.