Arcade classic Galaga is about to become an animated series

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Jul 22, 2017, 8:55 AM EDT

If you walked into an arcade in the '80s...or the '90s...or perhaps even now, there's a good chance you stared down Galaga. Even as games like Space Invaders preceded it, the game has endured to the point that it even got a shout-out in The Avengers, establishing it as the ultimate arcade blast. Now it's hitting another level.

Variety reports that relatively new company The Nuttery Entertainment is working with Bandai Namco to develop extensions of the Galaga brand. Those extensions reportedly include multiple platforms and "new characters and stories," but for now the biggest development is an animated series titled Galaga Chronicles.

“We are incredibly honored to be able to work on such an amazing legacy property and help launch it into the animated space,” Nuttery co-founder Magnus Jansson said. “There is such a deep love for this game from fans around the world, and our team is excited make sure the next chapter in the Galaga saga is equally impressive and inspiring as its humble 8-bit beginnings.”

At first glance this feels like nothing more than an attempt to cash in on video game nostalgia. Galaga's story is basically "you fight aliens and then you fight more aliens," but that's not exactly a story that's never worked onscreen before. The name recognition is solid, and if you hang a good story on this skeleton something really fun could come out of it. Plus, we have recent offerings like Netflix's Castlevania to prove that video game adaptations really can be good.

What do you think? Should Galaga really get its own series, or should it be left to the arcade? Let us know in the comments!