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Simon Pegg, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a release date all revealed for Archer Season 11

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Jul 24, 2020, 9:10 PM EDT

After a few seasons delving into every genre from pirates to sci-fi, the hilarious animated sensation Archer is ready to get back to normal. As normal as it ever gets, that is. In that spirit, some of the cast gathered for today's panel as part of Comic-Con@Home to tease the new season, and as has become standard with this cast, the jokes and bits were flowing faster than liquor down Sterling Archer's throat. 

The man, the myth, the legend, will wake from his three-year coma in Season 11, and return to the world of spycraft that he's kind-of great at. Though the man behind the man (phrasing) himself, H. Jon Benjamin was not a part of the panel, audiences did get the great Aisha Tyler (Lana...Lana...LANA! Danger Zone), Chris Parnell (Cyril), Judy Greer (Cheryl), Amber Nash (Pam), and Lucky Yates (Krieger). Executive Producer Casey Willis served as moderator. 

Enjoy all the fun below:

"I'm sorry I can't get awkwardly drunk on Chardonay in front of you," Nash said, calling attention to the fact that the only time this group gets to see each other in person is at conventions. Though the format didn't allow the cast to get as, let's say, foul-mouthed as they sometimes do, they made it work, with Tyler quickly mentioning a signature drink she makes called "Mistake Juice." 

Convention reminiscing continued, with the cast lamenting about not being able to see the generally fantastic Archer-based cosplay, particularly that one fan who dressed up as the always-shot Brett (and would lie down in various places). 

When it comes to Season 11, the most pressing question is: "Will Milton come back?" Yates wanted to know if the toast-making robot would return, and Willis killed his hopes immediately, saying that Milton is not in Season 11. Greer's pitch to turn Milton into a Short Circuit-type 'bot was also rejected. 

Season 11 is very fresh, to the point where the final couple of episodes were shot as the global pandemic was beginning. Greer said that the upside to this was that the liquor store attached to the studio sold toilet paper, a hot commodity at the time. Perhaps it was the mention of the liquor store that sent the castmembers off on another tangent about alcohol, including a conversation about different kinds of vermouth. 

Liquor stores got a lot of praise, as all of the cast lauded them for having items not found at regular stores. This did not include Parnell, however, who jokingly said that he only bought things using Amazon. 

Work on the last couple of episodes are currently underway, so what is the cast excited about in terms of the show, liquor stores aside? 

"There was something really exciting about getting back to the real world with everybody, it was super fun," Nash said, happy about seeing what all of the characters have been really up to this whole time. Yates stopped the talk about the new season immediately by asking a question about new hobbies started during quarantine. Tyler asked if "not showering" counted as a hobby, and Greer said that it did. 

In case it isn't already clear (and you haven't yet watched the panel above), the Archer cast has legitimately gone even more insane during quarantine, including Willis. Instead of getting them all back on track, he told a story about his new water valve. 

Sooo.... Milton is not making a comeback for Season 11. Is there any other news regarding the show itself? 

"We can't give anything away," Tyler said, which is probably why very few details had been let loose, but Willis did announce that Simon Pegg will appear as a guest star in Season 11. Not only that, but Jamie Lee Curtis will also appear, thanks to Judy Greer making the connection during the filming of Halloween. It turns out that Curtis is a huge fan of Archer

Nobody seemed to know where H. Jon Benjamin was, though (as always) there was a little section of the panel devoted to mocking him. This was accompanied by the equally necessary section including praise for the great Jessica Walter (Mallory Archer). 

The best news was saved for last though: Season 11 will begin Wedneday, Dec. 16 at 10 p.m. ET on FXX, and then appear the next day via FX on Hulu. Prepare with lots of Chardonay and toilet paper, because we're headed to the danger zone. 

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