Archer heads to the '40s in retro noir trailer for Season 8

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Feb 17, 2017

The cult hit FX animated series Archer is heading back in time for a retro noir season this year. The show is even jumping to a new network, to boot.

The new season, subtitled Dreamland and set to premiere on sister network FXX later this year, recasts everyone in an old-school mobster setting where Archer is (surprise, surprise) an ace private eye. The story picks up after Archer was left floating near-death in a pool last season, and this hard-boiled, 1947-set story is apparently a wild fantasy taking place in his head. Whatever the set-up, it looks like a crazy good time.

Private eye Archer will run afoul of Malory (now the biggest mobster in Los Angeles), Lana the nightclub singer, detectives Cyril and Pam, and Cheryl as a (very weird) client. Entering its eighth season, Archer has thrived on reinvention the past few years, and this season looks like it could be one of the coolest yet.

Archer premieres Wednesday, April 5, on FXX (so update your DVR accordingly). Check out the trailer below.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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