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Archer stumbles into the world of the Kingsman in hilarious crossover clip

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Mar 25, 2021, 6:08 AM EDT (Updated)

It’s not the most obvious crossover that comes to mind, but seeing Sterling Archer mixing it up with the Kingsman? Yeah, it’s pretty much perfect.

20th Century Fox dropped a new, animated crossing of Archer into the world of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, with the self-proclaimed world’s greatest spy accidentally wandering into the Kingsman tailor shop looking for a suit. Turns out? That place also has a really cool, hidden room full of guns and grenades. Welcome to the danger zone, Eggsy.

The clip is a whole lot of fun, and actually features some really cool action that translates well into the animated style of Archer. The FXX comedy is one of the most underrated shows on the air, and it’s great to see Fox leaning into it a bit with a blockbuster on the line. Now let’s just turn this idea into a full-fledged episode and we’re all winners.

Kingsman: Secret Service opens September 22, while Archer will likely return to FXX at some point in 2018.

Check out the crossover below and let us know which spy is the greatest of all: