Archie Comics bringing Dick Tracy back to life for comic reboot

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Dec 12, 2017, 4:44 PM EST (Updated)

Back in business, and ain't it grand...Dick Tracy is coming back to comics!  Let the good times roll. Archie Comics announced today that they will be bringing the famous gumshoe with a TV watch back to comics in a brand new series that will explore the early investigations of the character.

According to Archie Comics, the series will "blend the classic Dick Tracy style that readers know and love with a modern and dark noir feel." The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. There is no word yet as to whether they are considering the name Tracy Begins, but there's still time.

Coming this April, the new monthly series will be written by Alex Segura (Archie Comics co-president) and Michael Moreci. Thomas Pitilli is set to do the artwork, with coloring by Dee Cunniffe. 

According to Segura, 
the series will go "back to square one, as we explore the very early days of Dick Tracy's time in The City, soon after the second World War. While everyone is familiar with the established, confident and heroic Tracy, we wanted to give readers a chance to see how all that came to be, and how his Rogues first reared their ugly mugs."

It's certainly a good thing that Tracy's gallery of villains will be along for the ride, as the man has a collection of foes as freaky and fun as Batman does. Speaking of good ol' Bats, Morelli makes it clear that he finds Dick Tracy to be just as iconic as some of the medium's heavyweights.

"Dick Tracy has always been a character that stands shoulder to shoulder amongst the best-- Superman, The Shadow, Conan the Barbarian, Spider-Man, you name it," he says. "There's been so many great Dick Tracy stories over the past 75 years, and that's such a testament to his versatility, his amazing--unbeatable--rogues gallery, and what he represents."


Cover by Francesco Francavilla, courtesy of Archie Comics

Pitilli is as excited as Segura and Morelli, adding, "Alex and Mike have dreamed up a version of Dick Tracy that will surely excite new readers and life long fans alike! This gritty crime drama is a new genre for me and I'm already having fun stretching my artistic abilities."

In case you were wondering if this new incarnation of the character would go in a darker direction, Pitilli seems to confirm that it will by using the words "gritty crime drama." Though the character began in a 1931 comic strip by Chester Gould, he has branched out into animation, television serials, and no less than six movies. Nowadays he is possibly best known for the most recent of those movies, which was the 1990 pastel romp by Warren Beatty. That entry into Tracy lore featured a scenery devouring Al Pacino as Tracy's arch-nemesis Big Boy Caprice...right alongside great songs by none other than Stephen Sondheim.

What will the new comic's story entail? 

According to the brief synopsis, they will begin with the younger Tracy investigating "a deadly shooting that bears the fingerprints of a menacing killer known only as Flattop." 

Are you excited to go to your local comic book shop and see nothing but "Tracy, Tracy, Tracy?" If so, be sure to pick up Dick Tracy #1, which will be released on April 11, 2018. Here's hoping that it's one in a million.