Archie Horror breaks out two new comics based on Blossoms 666, Jughead

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Oct 5, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT

Archie fans, get ready for more horror-themed comic book spinoffs featuring more tie-ins from the present-day Riverdale universe. Archie Horror reportedly plans to bring two new comic series to life, putting its darker, bloodier spin on some familiar characters.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, two all-new comics lines — Blossoms 666 and a miniseries titled Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica — are set to launch next year, fresh in the back of Archie’s growing TV universe with the ongoing Riverdale Season 3 and the Oct. 26 debut of Netflix’s Chilling Advnetures of Sabrina.

The new series expand on the success Archie Comics first discovered with the 2013 debut of its Afterlife with Archie line, which quickly grew popular enough to justify a spinoff of the dedicated Archie Horror imprint, which is pitched more directly at teens and adults with its entertainingly gory and mature themes.

Blossoms 666, by Cullen Bunn and Laura Braga, reportedly will play up the devilish side of siblings Jason and Cheryl Blossom, who’ll vie for twisted title of Antichrist. Described by Bunn as “one part Omen” and “one part Cruel Intentions,” the series is set to debut in January of next year.

From Frank Tieri and art duo Pat and Tim Kennedy — the same creative team that’s set the tone in Archie Horror’s previous “vs.” titles — Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica reportedly will pit the titular protagonists against each other in direct, in deliciously violent, fashion. No specific release date has been announced, though the miniseries reportedly will arrive sometime in 2019.