Are aliens more likely “by design” than black holes?

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Jun 22, 2017, 2:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Darwinism extends far beyond Earth’s atmosphere, something Darwin himself could probably never even imagine. Cosmological natural selection (CNS) is based on its biological doppelganger, but evolutionist Michael Price has taken it where no theory has gone before.

Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin had previously suggested that black holes are adaptations of CNS, just as claws or night vision are adaptations born of biological natural selection. He theorized that life emerges from the selection of black holes because universes supposedly self-replicate through them, so those with more gravitationally superpowered star corpses have the advantage. Price has turned Smolin’s theory inside out to propose that it is actually intelligent life that is more likely to be an adaptation of CNS that results in universes replicating themselves—aka CNS with intelligence.

"Living organisms are the least entropic, that is, the most complexly ordered and improbable entities known to exist," Price insists in defense of his reverse theory that sees life as an adaptation rather than a by-product of universe replication.

The same biological natural selection that generates complex order and decelerating entropy is believed to have a mirror image in the cosmos. Cosmological natural selection depends on the existence of intelligent life because it is much less likely to spawn at random than a black hole, not to mention the most complex thing we know of and the one entity in the cosmos least prone to decay and degeneration.


If they’re out there, they could be the reason entire universes self-replicate.

Even before natural selection shot off into space, Darwin was onto something. Bio-natural selection is entropy’s worst enemy because it creates organisms rather than destroying them. Everything crawling, flying or swimming around Earth today is here because they run on genes with the most potential for survival. Not having an immune system resistant enough to killer microbes or teeth deadly enough to demolish prey meant your bloodline would perish, while having these survival traits meant your DNA would also survive. Universes with intelligent life (as compared to those without that cosmological boost) are assumed to level up the same way.

This doesn’t necessarily send Smolin’s theory into the chasm of a black hole. While intelligent life may be the ultimate CNS adaptation, black holes could still be the reason universes beget other universes.  

CNS may be the ultimate primary cause of cosmological order, just as BNS is the ultimate primary cause of biological order,” said Price. “In other words, BNS and CNS may together be ultimately responsible for much of the order that we observe in the universe.”