Are Frank Miller and Scott Snyder gearing up for a third Dark Night comic?

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT

In 1986, Frank Miller wrote and drew The Dark Knight Returns, and the book has since become a touchstone of comic book history, a landmark story of an elderly Batman coming out of retirment that's still celebrated today as one of the greatest Caped Crusader stories ever told. In 2001, 15 years later, Miller gave us The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and though the response was far less enthusiastic, it was another emphatic Batman statement from one of the greatest creators ever to take on the character. It's been 12 years since a new Dark Knight story was released by Miller, but now it seems we could be in for a third installment in the saga.

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool reports that a third Dark Knight story from Miller is "being discussed" at DC Comics, and that Miller wants to write the comic with current Batman writer Scott Snyder, who's earned critical acclaim and massive sales with stories like "Death of the Family" and "Zero Year." The story would be set many years after The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and would focus on an elderly Carrie Kelley, who was first introduced as Robin in The Dark Knight Returns. Nearing the end of her career as a vigilante in Gotham City, Kelley would be on the hunt for a successor to keep the city safe after she's gone. 

According to the report, Miller won't be drawing this installment himself due to poor health, and as a result DC is considering hiring a different artist for each issue of the miniseries. Names being thrown around for that job include DC co-publisher and Miller's All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder collaborator Jim Lee, Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader artist Andy Kubert, and current Batman artist Greg Capullo. For Snyder's part, he reportedly wants the story to be standalone and free of miniseries spinoffs, and his artist of choice is his collaborator on the acclaimed The Wake, Sean Murphy. 

Johnston notes, though, that all this is an "if it gets made" discussion at the moment. Miller's health could be a factor, as could other issues with the project. For the moment, though, it seems DC is very keen on bringing the Dark Knight universe back, and with the very Miller-inspired Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming to theaters in 2016, it might be perfect timing.

What do you think? Would you read another Dark Knight book from Miller?

(Via Bleeding Cool)