Are these 14 sci-fi books really not worth reading?

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:30 AM EDT (Updated)

We've all read books that turned out to be disappointing, but what if those books were supposed to be classics?

Even if it seems like a work of art -- be it a painting, film or novel -- is a universally praised masterpiece, there's always someone out there willing to call it overrated. Look around long enough and you'll find people who can't stand The Wizard of Oz, or never managed to get through a single page of Shakespeare. The same is true of science fiction literature. Even if a book is considered an essential piece of sci-fi reading, some readers will just never enjoy it, and that's OK, because when it comes time to discuss the work, having someone around who disagrees is half the fun.

With that in mind, we took a look at this thread on the always-entertaining sci-fi section of Reddit, where readers of all stripes were warning each other to stay away from various books (including some very well-known and very acclaimed volumes), and picked out 14 of the most popular books that some of these fans outright hated. Take a look at their choices below, and let us know what you think. What's the most disappointing sci-fi book you've ever read? 

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