Rumor of the Day: Are these the three planets featured in new Han Solo movie?

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Feb 1, 2018, 6:55 PM EST (Updated)

The upcoming Ron Howard-directed Solo: A Star Wars Story starring Alden Ehrenreich has been the source of much mystery over the course of its development and filming, especially in the wake of last year's sudden departure and replacement of directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

While we wait for a potential new trailer to drop on Super Bowl Sunday, a new rumor has arisen about a trio of planets which might be featured in this solo Solo outing.

SPOILER WARNING! Some of these rumors, if true, could reveal potential plot points.



According to Star Wars News Net, AMC Theatres posted on their website that audiences will be treated to at least these three planetary worlds: Mimban, Corellia, and Kessel (AMC's post was subsequently taken down). This isn't entirely shocking news, as these locations either have a special place in the Star Wars Saga or have been hinted at in the limited press and toy ads we've seen for the film.

But you better book your spring fling to these three heavenly bodies, just in case the rumors are true!




"It’s unclear how much of Solo will be set in Corellia, but certainly that’s where Han’s story will begin," AMC's site reportedly declared, before taking down the post. "There are strong rumors that the film will begin with Han as a pod-racer who catches the Empire’s eye and is drafted. Naturally, the life of an Imperial is unlikely to suit everyone’s favorite scoundrel."

Corellia is one of the founding planets of the Galactic Republic, and where the scruffy-looking smuggler was born. His ties to the snow-dusted planet have been hinted at previously, and it's renowned for spawning some of the best star-pilots in the universe.




"LEGO playsets for Solo have revealed the 'Mimban Stormtroopers,' Stormtroopers wearing armor designed for the planet’s inhospitable swamp-and-jungle terrain," AMC noted. "Clearly Solo will be heading to Mimban, although it’s unclear what role the planet will play in the film. It’s possible Han will actually be stationed there during his time with the Empire; it’s also possible that he’ll visit Mimban after leaving the Empire, given that the world had a thriving black market – ideal for a neophyte smuggler."

Mimban, AKA Circarpous V, was also mentioned briefly in The Clone Wars animated series, and also featured in Alan Dean Foster's non-canon Star Wars sequel novel from 1978, Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Additionally, early concept art for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story depicted Mimban as a potential headquarters for Saw Gerrera's Partisan freedom fighters. It was replaced by the desert moon of Jedha.




"Meanwhile, it’s likely the film will feature the famous Kessel run. The most intriguing possibility, though, is that Kessel could be the world where Han meets Chewbacca," AMC offered. "As the original trilogy made clear, Chewie has a 'life debt' to the wandering smuggler. Fans have always believed that’s because Han rescued him from slavery; given Kessel has Wookiee slaves, it’s certainly possible Chewie was a slave on Kessel."

Ron Howard teased an image of the "spicey" destination in a revealing tweet back in September, so this iconic planet is not much of a surprise. Known for its proliferation of spice mines and slaves (including many Wookiees), Kessel's legendary high-speed smuggler's run is one of the greatest boasts in the Star Wars legacy.

While all this is speculation and no official word has confirmed that these three worlds will be showcased, it's interesting to extrapolate how they might play into the narrative. Disney and Lucasfilm apparently did not want this info out in the wild, resulting in it being excised from the internet faster than you can be "smashed into who-knows-what!"

What do you think? Does this seem more than a rumor to you, and if not this trio of planets, what other exotic destinations would you like to see when Solo: A Star Wars Story strikes on May 25?