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Are you ready for Predator Whiskey? Dutch Bourbon says anytime

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Dec 27, 2018, 10:52 AM EST

"Get to the choppa!" is about to take on a whole new meaning. Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios have joined forces to release Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, a tie-in brand paying tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Maj. Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, in John McTiernan's 1987 sci-fi action classic Predator.

According to the bottler, the spirit's logo is emblazoned with, yes, a chopper set against the targeting crosshairs made famous by the alien hunter with Ah-nuld's now iconic line "Get to the chopper."

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey 2

credit: Silver Screen Bottling Company

Of course, a little Dutch goes a long way in the seminal flick, which follows an elite special forces unit in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with one nasty-looking E.T. that kills them for sport. Leave it to the biggest commando of them all, Schwarzenegger, to go mano e mano with the Predator and mete out some payback.

Aimed at people "on a mission with a bold taste for adventure," the bourbon offers a full-bodied flavor with notes of vanilla, coconut, and bergamont. So every time Dutch, Dillon, or one of the other soldiers utters a favorite line ("If it bleeds, we can kill it," "I ain't got time to bleed," "Anytime") you can raise your glass in praise.

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is now available for presale, retailing for $34.99 each. It joins an ever-expanding list of booze tie-ins to some of your favorite Hollywood franchises. Back in October, Wicked Weed Brewing announced the launch of a Fear the Walking Dead-inspired craft beer, Original Augie's Ale, inspired by brewer Jim Brauer, whose beer recipe featured heavily in a storyline of AMC's hit zombie drama.

And of course, let's not forget Ommegang's delightful Jon Snow-inspired beer, King in the North, the last in a line of Game of Thrones-inspired labels including Iron Throne, Take the Black Stout, Fire and Blood and Valar Morghulis that's part of the Royal Reserve beer collection.