Get ready for a 4th season of Fringe with a lot less Peter Bishop

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Sure, we all loved Fringe's big mind-blowing finale on Fox last year, but could we really be facing a Fringe without Peter? According to star Joshua Jackson—whose character, Peter Bishop [spoiler ahead!], vanished from existence after saving two universes—he won't be around as much in the upcoming season four.

"Our show is not a star-driven show, it's a character-driven show," Jackson told, confirming that he would be in fewer episodes this year than last season, and that he hadn't started work on the new season yet even though production had started.

"I mean, I'm assuming since they want me here, I'm going to be a part of Fringe. In fact, I know they want me to be a part of Fringe, but I know they also want to tell the story in the best possible way to tell the story. That's why I think it's ballsy, precisely because it's so unusual to take one of the three leads in your show and to break them out of the show. And then show what it's like when he's not there," said Jackson.

In last season's finale, Peter's disappearance left shocked viewers to wonder how a season four would proceed and whether Jackson would be part of it.

"That cliffhanger was so big that if they half-assed it in the beginning of season four, I think our audience, who has been so good with that, would kind of smell the suck on that. They'd be kind of disappointed that we gave them this big thing, and then we didn't actually go after it. And we went after it. I think that's super cool," he said.

Considering we got less of Peter last season, since the series went back and forth between two universes and there's only one Peter, while there's two of most everyone else, how do you feel about getting even LESS Peter this year?

Fringe returns for its fourth season on Fox on Friday, Sept. 23, at 9 p.m. ET.