Arnold's Conan movie may be the first in a trilogy (Thanks, Thrones!)

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Jul 29, 2013, 11:33 AM EDT

We all knew the former Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be returning as Conan. Well, not only will he be back, but it now seems that his return will be the first in what could now be a movie trilogy.

Not long ago, Paradox Entertainment picked up the rights to the Conan the Barbarian movie franchise, and its CEO, Fredrik Malmberg, has updated us on the status of the new movie, The Legend of Conan—which looks to be the first in a whole new franchise, thanks in part to a little HBO fantasy series called Game of Thrones.

Here's what Malmberg said in an interview with The Arnold Fans:

"We have a great story. This is a role that’s perfect for [Arnold] and he’s very involved with the whole Universal team. Arnold has been very instrumental to bringing this together saying, 'We gotta make a good Conan!' I think if we do this right, we can do two more Conan movies right after. I think Game Of Thrones also shows a huge interest in fantasy. I’m psyched about it."

Penned by Fast & Furious 7 screenwriter Chris Morgan, The Legend of Conan will pick up with our main man Conan—to be played by Ahnold himself, of course—quite a good many years later, with the older hero (Schwarzenegger is 65, by the way) now leading an army instead of being in the forefront swinging that big scary badass sword of his in the hour of his new kingdom's needs.

Here’s what Malmberg said:

"The idea is that this takes place after Conan has been king. But this is the legend of Conan where he has been gone and people say, ‘Do you remember the good ol’ days when Conan was around?’ And now it’s time for him to come back."

That all sounds pretty darn good to us—and it's really awesome that the success of Game of Thrones is sparking this brand-new rise of interest in fantasy-genre films—but let’s just hope that Conan will wear more than just an itsy-bitsy loincloth for the new films, okay? That'd be great, thanks.

So, are you guys looking forward to possibly much more Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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