Arrival's producers will continue their sci-fi run with a Larry Niven adaptation

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May 3, 2017, 12:14 PM EDT (Updated)

The last six months have been huge for producer/director Shawn Levy. In July, the Netflix series Stranger Things -- which he executive-produced and helped to direct -- basically took over the entire internet.Then, just months later, Arrival was released. The sci-fi drama immediately garnered massive critical acclaim, and this week Levy earned a Best Picture Oscar nomination for his work as producer on the film.

After such a massive year, you have to wonder where Levy will take his 21 Laps production imprint next ... 

Well, Levy and crew are apparently still thinking sci-fi. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Levy and his Stranger Things cohort Dan Cohen will team up to produce an adaptation of sci-fi legend Larry Niven's short story "Inconstant Moon." James Ponsoldt (The Circle) will direct and Daniel Casey (Kin) will script the prject, which has already been picked up by Fox 2000.

"Inconstant Moon" follows a Los Angeles couple who, upon noticing an unusual brightness from the moon, realize that a solar disaster has destroyed the Eastern Hemisphere and will eventually cause catastrophe for the Western as well. On the brink of breaking up, and facing apocalypse, they prepare for what could be their last night on Earth. The story won the 1972 Hugo Award for Best Short Story and was adapted for The Outer Limits TV series in 1996.

So, the Arrival producing team is hoping to land another hit with another adaptation of an acclaimed piece of sci-fi short fiction. Here's hoping lightning strikes twice.