Arrow’s Diggle gives his best guesses about who might be in that mystery grave

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Nov 27, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

The current season of The CW’s Arrow threw fans for a major curveball in the final moments of the season premiere, jumping forward in time and showing Oliver standing at the grave of … someone. So who is the dearly departed?

According to series co-star David Ramsey, aka John Diggle, not even the cast knows what the writers are cooking up at this point. We almost certainly won’t get an answer until around the season finale, and that’s not coming until well into 2016. So, yeah, they’re holding their breath, just like most of the fandom.

First up here’s his comments to Entertainment Weekly on how the mystery is affecting the daily shoots. Not surprisingly, they’re all walking on a few eggshells these days:

“It makes for a great work environment, doesn’t it? You’re on your best behavior. It’s like I used to be late to set, now I’m not. I asked. I wanted to know. Is Diggle dead? Is it me? They didn’t tell me. In terms of what we do, there’s really a death every season, to some degree. They’re offing people every year. It reminds me of when I used to do Dexter. I used to go to the back to the script and see if it’s me who dies. I haven’t done that yet. I don’t know who it is.” 

As for who Ramsey thinks is in the grave? He runs through the obvious suspects and still doesn’t manage to land on anyone who feels more likely than the others. He said he doesn’t think it’s himself because the funeral would likely have more of a “military ceremony,” and he doubts it’s Felicity because he “just can’t see them messing with that relationship.”

Running down the list, he said Laurel isn’t a good fit because they wouldn’t want to put Lance through losing another daughter (which, yeah, he’s had enough of that), and Thea isn’t likely because she’s the last member of the Queen family left, besides Oliver. So what about Capt. Lance? Ramsey said Oliver seemed a little too upset for it to be Lance. Hmm, yeah, this isn’t very much help.

But wait! Ramsey did offer one useful bit of insight: What if we haven’t even met the person in that grave just yet? Ramsey posited that the mystery figure could be “someone from the past, or someone who we don’t know of that comes up and ends up being very important to Oliver and he loses that person.” That certainly sounds viable, and if it means we don’t have to say goodbye to any more fan favorites, we’ll pin our hopes on Ramsey’s theory.

So who do you think is in that grave? Give us your best theories below.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)