Arrow’s Stephen Amell responds to jaw-dropping midseason finale

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

The midseason finale of The CW’s Arrow dropped one heck of a bombshell in its final moment, and Stephen Amell has chimed in with some trademark wit.

Spoilers ahead for the midseason finale of The CW’s Arrow!

Wow. Just, wow. The folks behind Arrow have been promising one heck of an intense midseason finale, to the point that producer Marc Guggenheim noted the series would never be the same following the events of “The Climb.” Boy, was he right.

The entire episode was building toward the faceoff between Oliver and Ra's al Ghul, and though Ollie gave it his all, he was easily outmatched by the legendary assassin. How bad was it? The episode ended with Ra's jamming a sword clean through Oliver and kicking him off a mountain. Yeah, that’s right, they literally killed the Arrow. On Arrow. Gutsy move, to say the least.

So how did Amell respond to fans flipping the hell out on Twitter once the episode ended? 

Hmmph. Yeah, that’s just adding some fuel to the fire. Of course, they can’t really be killing Oliver off, especially since we know Amell is literally on set right now filming the show’s 60th episode. Plus, umm, it is his show. So what’s up? Fans likely picked up on it, and Amell even dropped a hint as part of his live tweet of the episode.

As Batman fans know, no Ra's al Ghul story is complete without a nod to his famed Lazarus Pit, which is typically credited in DC lore with keeping the 100+ year-old killer so young and spry (and alive). Ra's noted it’s been 67 years since the last time he was challenged, meaning he’s most definitely doing something to keep himself so young.

Add in the fact that Ra's had the fight on “consecrated ground,” and said an odd prayer that doesn’t exactly sound like what you’d say over a dying man as he kicked Oliver off the cliff, and we’d think the Lazarus Pit will be the deus ex machina to help solve this seemingly unsolvable situation.

But don’t expect Oliver to come roaring back too quickly. We’d heard he had a lighter-than-usual shooting schedule during the time that matches up with the time period of the next 3-5 episodes, and producer Marc Guggenheim has recently been talking up storylines involving other members of the cast. So, best guess — we get to see Team Arrow on their own, as whatever plot point that brings Oliver back plays out over a few episodes.

Guggenheim, not surprisingly, wasn’t offering up any answers. But he did confirm that the somewhat obvious title of the upcoming episode “The Return” is not a reference to Oliver. But the midseason premiere is titled “Left Behind,” which you’d think will probably turn the lens on a leaderless Team Arrow back in Starling City.

No matter how they fight their way back out of this corner, there’s no denying the midseason finale was a jaw-droppingly fantastic episode. If they do introduce the Lazarus Pit, they’ve reached a point thanks to the Deathstroke arc and Flash spinoff that something as far-fetched as that could easily fit within the Arrow-verse, and that's a testament to how this show has grown over three seasons.

How do you think it’ll all play out when the series returns Jan. 21?

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