Arrow adds another DC Comics vigilante to the cast for season 3

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Jul 29, 2014, 4:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Even more DC Comics influence will be coming to Arrow this season, and it sounds like this particular addition is one of the good guys.

If you're an Arrow fan, you know how fun it is to find out which DC Comics character will be popping up in Oliver Queen's adventures next, and the show keeps delivering an entertaining parade of heroes and villains to keep us hooked. Last season, the formation of the Suicide Squad was one of the show's biggest moments ever, and we've already heard that legendary DC Comics supervillain Ra's al Ghul will be appearing for season three. But he's not the only one.

While at San Diego Comic-Con a few days ago, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased that DC superhero Wildcat will be appearing on the show's upcoming season, and now that news is official. Deadline reports that J.R. Ramirez (Emily Owens M.D., Power) will play Wildcat, whose real name is Ted Grant, in a "potentially recurring" role for season three.

First introduced in 1942 by writer Bill Finger and artist Irwin Hasen, Wildcat was a heavyweight boxing champion until, after being framed for the murder of his mentor, he became a costumed vigilante who first fought to clear his own name, then continued fighting crime in general. He was an early member of the Justice Society of America and has become a mentor figure of sorts in the DC universe, training characters like Batman and Black Canary in the various martial arts he's mastered. 

On the show, Wildcat will reportedly also be a former boxer, and will run a gym for "underprivileged youth." Like so many Arrow characters, he'll have a "mysterious past," and he'll also play a "pivotal role" in Laurel Lance's (Katie Cassidy) life in season three. Since Laurel seems all set up to become Black Canary, it's quite possible we'll see some training sequences soon.

So that's another DC Comics hero added to an ever-expanding little super-universe. Who'll be next?

(Via Deadline)

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