Arrow casting intel reveals new DC baddies for Season 4 flashbacks

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Aug 2, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT

Though most of the attention is typically on the modern-day, The CW’s Arrow spends a good bit of its time focused on the past. So who are the new flashback baddies for Season 4?

Variety reports veteran genre actor Ryan Robbins (Falling Skies, Sanctuary, Continuum) has signed on to play a “ruthless” Shadowspire agent named Conklin. Robbins joins fellow new addition Jimmy Akingbola, who will play Shadowspire leader Baron Reiter/Baron Blitzkrieg. If you’re unfamiliar, Shadowspire is a crime organization that has been around in DC Comics since 2005, and was first introduced in Deathstroke #53.

It seems much of the new season’s flashback arc will focus on Oliver’s encounters battling Shadowspire, and we'd imagine Robbins’ Conklin will make for a formidable foe as the future-Green Arrow works his way up to the Baron. The flashback arcs have always been a nice counterpoint to complement the “A” stories, and this could provide some bigger hints toward what’s to come. 

The obvious connection: Oliver will be dealing with evil organizations in both the flashbacks and present-day stories, since we recently heard Neal McDonough will play modern-day big bad Damien Darhk, who is the head of another evil organization: HIVE. So yeah, we’d think there’ll be some creative juxtaposition around those points.

Get ready for Arrow Season 4: The era of evil, shady organizations.

(Via Variety)

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