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Arrow climbs, Vampire Diaries drops + 43 other genre shows

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Dec 11, 2013, 6:06 PM EST

The Flash is on TV again, and this week he gave Arrow a nice boost.

The CW superhero drama had one of its best episodes all season this week as Barry Allen made his first appearance. Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries took a drop, Once Upon a Time got a boost, and several other shows slipped into midseason finale mode as Christmas looms. 

Check out the numbers and commentary below to see how your favorite shows are doing in Live + Same Day ratings.


MONDAY, December 2

Sleepy Hollow (FOX) -- OFF 

Beauty and the Beast (CW) -- OFF

Almost Human (FOX) 5.87 million viewers/1.7/5 share

12-11 Almost Human_1.jpg

Almost Human sank for the third straight time this week to hit another new low in both viewers and demo score. It's still not in cancellation territory, but if it keeps falling it might end up there. 


Shows on Hiatus

Bates Motel (A&E) — Returns 2014

Being Human (Syfy) — Returns 2014

Defiance (Syfy) — Returns June 2014

Lost Girl (Syfy) — Returns 2014

Teen Wolf (MTV) — Returns January, 2014

Tron: Uprising (Disney XD) — Returns Unknown

Under the Dome (CBS) — Returns 2014

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) — Returns 2014


TUESDAY, December 3

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) -- OFF

Person of Interest (CBS) -- OFF   

Supernatural (CW) 2.42 million viewers/1.1/2 share 

12-11 Supernatural.jpg

Supernatural finished 2013 with a strong showing in both viewers and demo score. We'll see if it keeps it up in 2014. 

The Originals (CW) 2.33 million viewers/1.0/3 share

12-11 The Originals.jpg

The Originals took a drop in both viewers and ratings for its midseason finale, but it's still one of The CW's strongest shows, so there's no need to worry at the moment.

Ravenswood (ABC Family) -- OFF


WEDNESDAY, December 4

American Horror Story: Coven (FX) -- OFF 

Arrow (CW) 3.24 million viewers/1.2/3 share

12-11 Arrow.jpg

Arrow got a nice boost across the board for the first appearance of The Flash on The CW. We'll see if the midseason finale can keep up that trend.

Revolution (NBC) -- OFF

The Tomorrow People (CW) 1.74 million viewers/0.6/2 share

12-11 Tomorrow People.jpg

The Tomorrow People gained a few viewers, but broke even with a demo score that's relatively weak for The CW. It's not doomed, but it's not riding high either. 


THURSDAY, December 5

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) -- OFF 

Elementary (CBS)  8.29 million viewers/1.8/5 share

12-11 Elementary.jpg

Elementary returned from some time off to a drop in viewers but a steady demo score. It's not a great December showing, but it's better than a lot of shows have managed. 

The Vampire Diaries (CW) 2.36 million viewers/1.0/3 share

12-11 TVD.jpg

The Vampire Diaries took a significant drop this week for its lowest ratings score since Halloween. We'll see if the midseason finale can generate a rebound.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC) 3.24 million viewers/0.9/3 share

12-11 OUAT Wonderland.jpg

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland continued its struggle this week, losing viewers and holding on to a low demo score. 

DreamWorks' Dragons: Defenders of Berk (TOON) 1.42 million viewers/0.4 and 1.45 million viewers/0.3

12-11 Dragons.jpg

Defenders of Berk had a nice boost to its viewers this week for its two-part midseason finale. We'll see if it keeps this up in the New Year.

Shows on Hiatus

Archer (FX) — Returns 2014

Hannibal (NBC) — Returns 2014

Saving Hope (NBC) — Returns Unknown

Wilfred (FX) — Returns Unknown


FRIDAY, December 6

Dracula (NBC) 3.83 million viewers/1.1/4 share

12-11 Dracula.jpg

Dracula got a strong boost for its midseason finale, putting up its best numbers since its second episode. We'll see how it does in 2014. 

Grimm (NBC) 6.23 million viewers/1.6/5 share

12-11 Grimm.jpg

Grimm got a great boost across the board this week, and we're not even at midseason finale time yet. We'll see if it finishes the year just as strong.

Haven (Syfy) 1.35 million viewers/0.4

12-11 Haven.jpg

Haven lost a few viewers but held its demo score for another strong week. We'll see if the finale brings even better numbers. 

The Neighbors (ABC) 4.19 million viewers/0.9/3 share

12-11 Neighbors.jpg

The Neighbors picked up some viewers but kept its low demo score. Things still don't look good here. 

Shows On Hiatus

Continuum (Syfy) — Returns 2014

Da Vinci's Demons (Starz) — Returns 2014


SATURDAY, December 7

Atlantis (BBCA) 0.27 million viewers/0.1


12-11 Atlantis.jpg

Atlantis dropped a few viewers but held its demo score. It's still doing OK, but if it keeps dropping we might need to start worrying. 

Shows on Hiatus

Doctor Who (BBC) -- Returns December 25

Orphan Black (BBC) -- Returns April 2014

In The Flesh (BBC) — Returns Spring 2014


SUNDAY, December 8

The Walking Dead (AMC) -- OFF

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 6.94 million viewers/2.1/5 share

12-11 OUAT.jpg

Once Upon a Time got a very nice boost ahead of its midseason finale. We'll see if the growth continues for the last episode of 2013. 

Witches of East End (Lifetime) -- OFF 

Shows on Hiatus

Falling Skies (TNT) — Returns 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO) — Returns Spring 2014

True Blood (HBO) — Returns 2014