Arrow concept artist channels Terry McGinnis with design for live-action Batman Beyond suit

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Mar 28, 2018, 4:16 PM EDT

Batman Beyond ended back in 2001, but a concept artist on CW's Arrow is rekindling the old fandom flame with an awesome design for a live-action suit based on the old animated series. 

"Beyond. Work in progress. @dccomics #batmanbeyond #terrymcginnis#concept #design #chatacter #blackandred#futuregotham #photoshop #wip," wrote Andy Poonan in an Instagram post, which shows off the costume. The red eyes are a departure from the series, in which the new Batman's eyes were white while he wore the suit, but they actually would do well in a real-world setting and are faithful to some of the designs from the Batman Beyond comics.

However, it also sort of brings to mind the Yellowjacket suit worn by Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) in the first Ant-Man movie. 

Batman Beyond ran between 1999 and 2001 for a total of 52 episodes. Set in the Neo-Gotham of 2029, the animated show saw a new person take on the mantle of the bat, Terry McGinnis, after the brutal murder of his father. In his mid-50s, Bruce Wayne is just too old and can't fight crime like he used to, almost dying from a heart attack during the pilot episode, which featured him shutting down the Batcave in 2019.

Twenty years later, Wayne recruits a younger person to become the hero and remains in the Batcave, providing useful information to Terry while he's out on missions. This role is reminiscent of the one held by Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) when she was shot in the spine by Joker and became Oracle. Existing in the future, the new Batman faced a whole host of new sci-fi villains and monsters like Dr. Abel Cuvier and Earth Mover. 

The series got new life in the form of comic books at DC, beginning in 1999 and still running to this day. With 2019 less than a year away, however, it would be amazing to see a live-action take join the DCEU the same year that Bruce Wayne shuts down the Batcave before recruiting some fresh blood. Ben Affleck is probably done with the role, so this would be the perfect excuse to phase him out and introduce someone new without having to reboot the franchise again.