Arrow producer developing future-prison sci-fi series at NBC

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Aug 13, 2013

After scoring the surprise hit Revolution last season, NBC is hoping to double down on high-concept sci-fi with a pilot commitment for a new future-set prison-break series. Welcome to Paradise.

The show would focus on a wrongly convicted doctor who gets sent to Paradise, aka the remnants of Las Vegas, which has been converted into a super-max prison. Think Prison Break meets Escape From New York. It’s definitely intriguing, but it’ll take one heck of a good mythology to pull it off.

Luckily, Arrow producer Greg Berlanti is teaming up with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith to make it happen. Sure, Grahame-Smith’s resume is a little shaky, but Berlanti has more than proven he can make good TV the past year.

Here’s the full synopsis, via TV Line:

In the late 21st century, the city of Las Vegas has become the world’s biggest maximum-security prison, which is known as Paradise. When a doctor named Matthew Turner is wrongly jailed for a murder he didn’t commit, he struggles to find a way to become the facility’s first-ever escapee.

It’ll be interesting to see if this one makes it through the development process, but Berlanti and Grahame-Smith are solid names to have calling the shots. If they can get the scope to work on a TV budget, this could be one to watch. 

Ironically enough, there has been a (raved-about) script called Super Max bouncing around development for years, which would star Green Arrow escaping from a prison packed with supervillains. Obviously, this isn’t that, but you’ve got to admit it’s a little funny.

What do you think? Does this sound like a series you’d like to see? 

(Via TV Line)

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