Arrow producer explains how Flash fits into a superpower-less world

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Aug 14, 2013

Fans seem mostly psyched to hear The CW will be spinning The Flash off into his own series next season, but it has raised a few questions — mostly how his super-speed will affect the superpower-less world of Arrow. Now we know.

Producer Marc Guggenheim had a wide-ranging chat with Comic Book Resources about the planned spinoff, which will receive a backdoor pilot in the back half of Arrow’s second season, and did his best to explain how they’ll tweak their grounded universe to allow for superpowers.

Basically? The two shows will be tonally different, which is a good thing, but close enough to cross over when the need arises. He compares the concept to Marvel’s big-screen approach in The Avengers, which is actually a pretty solid analogy:

"I think a lot of people are justified in asking 'What does this mean for Arrow in terms of its tone?' And my answer is that the trick that we have – and this is a challenge we've discusses a lot and have an awareness of how to face it head on – is the fact that 'Arrow' is like 'Iron Man' where 'The Flash' will be 'The Hulk.' And just as 'The Hulk' coming out did not change the tone of the Iron Man movies, 'The Flash' will not change the tone of 'Arrow.' We're very cognizant of what 'Arrow' is all about, and I think the Marvel movies demonstrate that each piece of a universe can have its own feel. 'Thor' is consistent with the tone of Thor while 'Captain America' is consistent with the tone of Captain America's character. 'Arrow's' tone will remain consistent much in the same way, and we are looking forward to expanding our canvass a bit. And judging from the announcement, I think the fans are looking forward to it as well."

When you put it that way, it starts to make a lot more sense. Our best guess is that Flash could be a little bit lighter than Arrow, but still as grounded as it can be with superpowers in the mix. The big question is whether they can make them work in the same scene — regardless, we can’t wait to find out.

What are you expecting from the Flash spinoff? How do you think they’ll introduce his superpowers in the Arrow-verse?

(Via Comic Book Resources)

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