Arrow producer on S3's baddie, Olicity and twisty new flashbacks

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Jul 17, 2014

The season-two finale of Arrow set up almost as many plots as it wrapped up, and producer Greg Berlanti has opened up about some of the biggest questions we want answered.

The producer talked with TV Line about myriad topics related to Arrow, ranging from flashbacks to some tantalizing teases about the new villain who’ll take center stage in year two. For your perusal, we’ve recapped the high points below:

The new baddie: The new, unnamed Big Bad will “feel different,” though the character “has some personal elements of connectivity to Oliver, which we’ll learn about.” Berlanti also confirmed the character should, not surprisingly, be a DC canon character: “Hopefully, fans of the DC Universe will be really pleased by who it is.”

Tackling Olicity head on: Though its been an unexpected twist, many fans have started pulling for the unexpected relationship potential between Oliver and Felicity, lovingly dubbed “Olicity.” There’s no denying the two have fantastic chemistry. The point hasn’t been lost on Berlanti, either: “They’re real characters to us, and they had that conversation on the beach, and they had that conversation in the house to help capture Slade. So the question you have to ask is: Does Oliver have real, genuine emotions for her? And how aware is he of that? And how aware does he make her of that? That is an active part of the season this year.”

It’s not just Oliver getting flashbacks: The show has effectively used flashbacks its first two seasons, sometimes telling the better story as part of the “b” plot at times. Berlanti confirmed they will “not just flash back from Oliver’s perspective.” Our best guess would be Felicity and Diggle, especially since they’ve been teasing Felicity backstory for a while now: “There’s some backstory stuff that’s going to come out for some of the other characters.”

The third season of Arrow debuts Oct. 8. What questions do you want to see answered?

(Via TV Line)

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