Arrow producer on that shocking cliffhanger, Deathstroke face-offs to come

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Mar 27, 2014, 3:15 PM EDT (Updated)

The producers behind Arrow have never been known to pull any punches, and they doled out enough craziness for a season finale in last night’s regular episode. So, what the hell comes next?

Spoilers ahead for last night episode of The CW’s Arrow!

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the latest revelations, and teased that there will definitely be some consequences for Thea’s abduction at the hands of Slade Wilson. Be it “physical” or “emotional,” she’ll definitely bear some scars.

Guggenheim also revealed that they plan on giving us more than one face-off between Arrow and Deathstroke, and they’ve apparently made a valiant effort to ensure that they don't get repetitive. So we won’t have to wait until the season finale for some battles to commence:

“I think [Thea] is in physical danger and emotional danger. The sword that’s being held over her in episode 18 is a double-edged sword; it’s physical and emotional. And I can guarantee that by the end of one of those edges is going to cut her…

I think you will definitely see a series of showdowns — [and they're] not repetitive. Their confrontation episode — 18 — is a very unexpected one. The way it unfolds is very unexpected. But this whole season has really been about Oliver versus Slade with a lot of other elements orbiting it, so I don’t think it will be a surprise to say that the conclusion of their story won’t happen until the final episode of the season.”

Guggenheim also made a nice Dark Knight comparison in regard to how many people are now aware of Oliver’s secret identity. The main reason they’ve opened up the Arrow cave this season? “[It] draws them into our world and it draws them into the show more. So we tend to get more story out of people knowing than people not knowing.” Not a bad point.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW. What do you expect for the rest of the season?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)