Arrow producer takes over Marvel's X-Men comic run: 'X-Men meets Aliens'

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May 12, 2014, 10:42 AM EDT

File this one under Awesome Thing of the Day: Arrow’s showrunner Marc Guggenheim is next in line to take over Marvel’s X-Men comic run.

Guggenheim will take the helm of Marvel’s X-Men comic with issue #18, and will pick up the arc where departing writer Brian Wood’s arc left off. The run is one of the buzzier books Marvel is publishing at the moment, and is notable for focusing on an all-female team lineup.

Though many fans know him best as the guy who makes The CW’s Arrow so awesome, Guggenheim cut his teeth writing comics for both Marvel and DC over the years. He’s previously written for The Flash, Aquaman, Wolverine and The Amazing Spider-Man. He also penned Marvel’s 2008 Young X-Men book.

We’re obviously sad to see Wood go, because his run has been stellar, but Guggenheim has a proven track record in the medium and we can’t wait to see what he does with X-Men. In an interview with IGN, Guggenheim teased his deep-space-set storyline:

“Since then, the X-Men really haven't been in space all that much. There was a little bit with the Breakworld in Joss Whedon's run. There's been little things along the way, but nothing that really sort of grabbed me in the same way The Brood Saga grabbed me as an early reader. I just found myself getting nostalgic. I didn't want to do another Brood story, because Chris Gage had done Children of the Brood, which was fantastic. But I liked the idea of taking this all-female team of X-Men and putting them in outer space. In doing something that was a little different than "The X-Men meet Star Wars," this was more along the lines of "The X-Men meets Aliens." It's darker, it's a little more mysterious, and it's scarier.”

We'd be remiss to not point out one more thing, though — why not just hire a female comic writer to take over this book? I mean, Wood has done a great job with it and Guggenheim is excellent, but there are some great female writers out there who might be able to bring a different (see: female) perspective to the all-female team angle. Just sayin'.

Do you think Guggenheim is a good choice to take over the book?

(Via IGN)