Arrow producer talks about the ‘brutal’ aftermath of that shocking death

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Oct 9, 2014

The folks behind The CW’s Arrow really know how to set you up, then rip your heart out and stomp all over it. But that’s why we love it.

Major spoilers ahead for Arrow's third season premiere!

If you’re still reading, I assume you’ve seen the season-three opener, “The Calm.” The episode was action-packed and loaded with huge developments. But it was the closing scene that left our jaws on the floor. Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) took a half-dozen arrows to the chest from a mystery attacker and toppled off a roof, landing right in front of her sister. Canary, you will be missed. Though you’d think this does leave an opening in the leather-clad hero department. Just sayin’, Laurel.

In the wake of that shocking death, producer Marc Guggenheim chatted about the far-reaching implications of that death and how it will drive much of the season. Considering how ingrained Sara had become in Team Arrow last season, and the fact that she was finally finding some balance between her multiple identities, it’s gut-wrenching to see her go in such a surprising way. If anything, we at least expected her to go down swingin’.

But Guggenheim promises it’ll be worth it. Here’s what he told The Hollywood Reporter:

“Every time we kill off a character on the show, it's always incredibly hard. We're not Game of Thrones. We're not Sons of Anarchy. It's really, really, really difficult,. The story implications ... are so far-reaching for the show and affect all of the characters. It really kicks off a mystery that will drive us for at least the first half of the year. It speaks to all the things that we want to do this year in terms of Laurel's character, in terms of Oliver's character, in terms of Felicity's character.”

Despite the character’s death, Guggenheim was quick to note that this might not be the last we’ll see of Sara. As fans know, the series uses flashbacks extensively, and there are still years' worth of stories unexplored from Sara’s past. According to Guggenheim, those are stories they still definitely want to tell: 

“To be honest, we have stories that involve Caity Lotz. One of the beautiful parts of the show is we do flashbacks. We still want to tell the story of what happened when Sara washed up on the shores of Lian Yu after the sinking of the Amazo and how she met Nyssa and how she joined the League of Assassins. There is still a lot of story left to be told with Sara.”

Who will they use as an avenue to introduce those stories? Guggenheim admits Sara’s death leaves an opening in Starling City for a butt-kicking woman, and they believe none other than Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) could potentially help fill the void. She’ll apparently be coming to town in episode four, and we already know her father, R’as al Ghul, will be the season’s Big Bad:

“With Sara's death, Nyssa becomes so much more important. One thing that Sara did was provide us with a cool, ass-kicking female character on the show, and Nyssa definitely fits that bill quite well."

The full interview is loaded with tons of intel, including some teases on next week’s “brutal” episode, which will follow the main cast as they deal with Sara’s passing. Guggenheim said it’s probably the show’s “most emotionally gut-wrenching” episode ever, which is saying a lot.

So what’d you think of the death? Shocked? Did you see it coming? Where do you want Arrow to go next?


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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