Arrow producers reveal 2 major DC cameos they'd love to have

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Mar 15, 2013, 10:53 AM EDT

The CW’s new superhero show Arrow has already starting digging deep into the DC canon, but the creators of the hit series want to go deeper. Like, a lot deeper.

Arrow producers Marc Guggenheim and A.J. Kreisberg recently had a sit-down with Comic Book Resources, and talked about what they can (and can’t) do in regards to the DC universe. 

Not surprisingly, anything tied too closely to the Batman mythos remains off limits (Curse you, Christopher Nolan’s lingering success!), but that hasn’t stopped Kreisberg from wanting to bring in one of Batman’s coolest proteges. His dream cameo? Nightwing:

"Dick Grayson and Nightwing were always my favorite. I doubt we'll ever get to that point. The bat-universe will never coincide with ours, but Nightwing would be my fantasy." 

Despite a reported trip to Bludhaven (Nightwing’s stomping grounds) coming up for Oliver, Nightwing is still off the table. If anything, Batman's kick-ass former sidekick deserves his own show. Oh well, maybe someday.

As for Guggenheim, he has a little more realistic option on his shortlist: The Question, investigative reporter Vic Sage, first introduced back in the 1960s in Charlton Comics and used sparingly in recent decades:

"The Question -- Vic Sage -- I would love to tackle him at some point. I think he would fit really well in our little universe. So we talk about him a lot."

Interesting note: When Alan Moore was making Watchmen, he originally planned to use Charlton characters such as the Question, though DC wouldn’t let him once they learned he wanted to kill several of them. So Moore created his own characters for his eventual masterpiece—and the Question became Rorschach.

A good fit for Arrow? No, the guy who inspired Rorschach would be a great fit for Arrow. Make it happen.

Which DC cameo are you holding out hope for in future seasons?

(Via Comic Book Resources)