The Arrow Cave is a death trap and Olicity heats back up in the latest Arrow

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May 7, 2017, 12:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Underneath," the latest episode of The CW's Arrow!

The short version: Prometheus sets off an EMP in the Arrow Cave, trapping Oliver and Felicity. Olicity fans likely enjoyed their time emoting between all the attempted escapes. The team gets them out in the nick of time, but (oh no!) Chase has found Oliver's secret son.

The good: Putting Olicity back on the table, Diggle and Lyla are the grown-ups, B-team to the rescue

The romantic relationship between Oliver and Felicity is one of the most contentious and hotly debated in all of fandom these days, so you either had a lot to love — or hate — in this one. But I was actually glad to see "Olicity" return to the narrative, as we learn a good bit more about Oliver and Felicity's breakup, and they make some major strides toward potentially getting back together. This is a storyline that's been sidelined for a good while, but this week's flashback (to 11 months ago in the offseason, as the writing staff seems to be playing around with some more flashback freedom ahead of next year) showed that the two actually had a brief hook-up before Season 5 began. So yeah, there's still some heat there.

With the two trapped underground, they're forced to confront the thing that's kept them apart all year: Trust. Felicity felt Oliver didn't trust her with the fact that he had a son, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to secret-keeping. But, after going a bit rogue herself and keeping her fair share of secrets with Helix this season, it's given Felicity a new perspective on making the tough calls — and Oliver has come to realize it's not that he didn't trust Felicity, it's that he didn't trust himself. They got at some character moments that have been building organically, especially in the wake of Oliver's torture at the hands of Prometheus. It's a touching moment between two characters who have been through so much through the course of this series (especially the scene where Oliver refuses to drop Felicity, and pulls her up by sheer force of will), and it looks like they could definitely be setting the scene for a potential reunion. Which, again, your mileage is going to vary on that. 

For all the will they, won't they drama, it's nice to have some real-life grown-ups on Team Arrow. Good ol' Diggle and Lyla have been dealing with the fallout that Lyla is running ARGUS a bit too much like her old superior Amanda Waller, but their fight brings some legit feelings and questions to the table. Lyla asks why Diggle can back Oliver, no matter how morally grey the play, but not her. Which … is a pretty valid question, there. Diggle agrees, and gains some fresh perspective over how he judges situations where there are no easy answers. Which is kind of funny for a vigilante, but hey, it actually works. Both Diggle and Lyla operate in the place between good and bad, doing what needs to be done. They're finally realizing they're not so different, and all the baggage that entails. Regardless, it was great to see them work through this and not have their relationship fall apart. They've become the relationship rock of this show.

Last but not least: With Oliver and Felicity off the board, Rene, Curtis, Diggle and Dinah have to solve the problem and come to the rescue. It was a moment to show how much they've grown as a team this season, and even with their two de facto leaders sidelined, they still got the save. 

The bad: Oliver's stupid stubbornness, Chase's deus ex machina

He might be a bit stubborn, sure, but Oliver is a fairly smart dude. So, the fact that he walked right into a trap that he literally knew was a trap is a frustrating bit of storytelling. He climbs the elevator shaft after Felicity warned him it is most definitely boobytrapped, them he stumbles immediately into the boobytrap and is impaled during the fall. Oliver is smarter than this. Yes, they're setting up the storyline for Oliver to listen to Felicity's plan, but he doesn't have to be a complete moron first to listen to her plan.  

Also: How did Chase actually pull this off? We're told how awesome Cisco's defenses are within the Arrow Cave, yet Chase broke in undetected, set an EMP, welded all the exits shut, then broke out? But, didn't Felicity's tracking tech say Chase was literally there when the bomb went off? How did he escape? Was he already on another floor and exiting at that point? This just seemed like something that could've used a bit more explanation.

Lines of the night:

"I told you so, I told you so, I told you so." - Felicity

"This looks like the Death Star interrogation droid." - Felicity

Lingering questions

What is Chase going to do now that he's tracked down Oliver's secret son, William? Sadly, not even a new identity and new city could keep him safe from Prometheus. But, if Chase is heading away from Star City to find William, why bother locking Oliver up in the bunker in the first place? He's nowhere near Star City, and Oliver couldn't have known he would literally go after his son in that exact moment, right?

Will Oliver and Felicity get back together? Can the internet survive the amount of memes and Tumblr posts that will be born from this episode?

Next week: It's Oliver vs. Prometheus with the season finale just a few weeks away.

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