Exclusive: Arrow Season 6 supercut breaks down Team Arrow's breakdown

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Aug 10, 2018

With the Green Arrow in jail and his team scattered to the wind by the end of Season 6 of Arrow, things were getting pretty intense on the show that founded the Arrowverse. So it makes sense that DC TV fans are looking forward rather than looking back.

But everyone needs a refresher before the new season of the Stephen Amell-headlined series premieres on Oct. 15! That’s why we’re providing a handy video recap for those fans who might have dozed off, skipped through, or otherwise skimmed one of the many superhero offerings on The CW.

SYFY WIRE has this exclusive supercut from the Season 6 Blu-ray, which gets fans up to speed on one of the season's biggest plotlines. There's a rat in Team Arrow (so thinks Oliver), so Dinah, Curtis, and Rene are on the chopping block. But who's really on Oliver's side, and who's operating to undermine Team Arrow — and get the Green Arrow sent to prison?

Check it out:

Everything cleared up? Yes, it’s sad that Arrow’s team is “fractured” now, but it only makes the opportunity for reconciliation all the more appealing.

You can catch up on Team Arrow’s exploits when the Blu-ray hits stores on Aug. 14.

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