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Arrow showrunner teases a DC supervillain team for Season 7

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May 17, 2018, 2:58 PM EDT (Updated)

Tonight’s Season 6 finale of Arrow will see Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the newly reformed Team Arrow take on Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) in a final bid to retake Star City. Ahead of the episode, departing showrunner Marc Guggenheim (who is shifting to a more advisory role) has revealed that tonight’s dramatic installment will tease the arrival of a supervillain team for Season 7.

Speaking to TVLine, Guggenheim revealed that tonight’s episode titled “Life Sentence” will name-drop a villainous organization known to DC Comics fans: the Longbow Hunters. “I will say that the reference to the Longbow Hunters is us planting a flag, much the same way we referenced Damien Darhk in the Season 3 finale,” Guggenheim said.

The name-drop will also have some direct implications for The CW series' upcoming season (which will be moving to Monday nights and paired with Legends of Tomorrow) since Guggenheim makes it clear that we will get to see them next season. “We would be [not nice people] to name-drop the Longbow Hunters and not see them in Season 7.” Which could mean there's a decent chance they could be the primary villains for Season 7.

The Longbow Hunters made their first appearance in the New 52’s Green Arrow #31, penned by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino. The team was created by the DC Comics version of Arrow’s Ricardo Diaz, Richard Dragon, and included Red Dart, Brick, Count Vertigo and Killer Moth. It's worth noting versions of a few of these characters have already been introduced on the series, so no word yet on how that might be reconciled.

The Longbow Hunters DC Comics Panel

Tonight’s Season 6 finale of Arrow will mark Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle’s last hurrah as co-showrunners. They will be replaced by Beth Schwartz, with Guggenheim staying on board in the role of executive consultant. The episode will also mark the departure of Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance.

What do you think of the Longbow Hunters making their arrival in Star City for Season 7 of Arrow?

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