Arrow star teases what it'd take for Oliver + Felicity to be MORE than friends

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Nov 6, 2013

There’s a certain subset of Arrow fans out there wanting two of the crime-fighting trio to become more than friends. So what does star Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) think about those "Olicity" ‘shippers?

She doesn’t think a Oliver/Felicity hookup is a bad idea, but said their relationship has to take a few more steps before the duo share more than just some steamy glances. What has to come first? Felicity has to develop more on her own before she becomes one of Oliver’s many love interests.

Here’s an excerpt of how she explained it to Entertainment Weekly:

“They kind of have to earn it. I understand that there are those moments, but they have to get to the point where there’s the option, because there honestly hasn’t been an option. They are alone together sometimes, and they haven’t really ever talked about it or they’ve never hung out outside of the Arrow cave. I don’t want Felicity to get lost in Olicity moments. I would love to see Felicity do things other than things that revolve around Oliver…once she does start doing other things, then Oliver will have his eyes opened. I think that’s the only way to do it, for him to be like, ‘Oh something’s missing.’” 

Rickards makes some good points, and though some fans are clamoring for more of their adorable brand of flirting, it’s something that needs to be earned organically along the way. 

What do you think? Should Oliver end up with Felicity? 

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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