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Don't fail this city: Arrow's Stephen Amell jokes he'll suit up again if you don't vote

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Nov 3, 2020, 10:25 AM EST

On the road to Election Day, many geeky members of the entertainment world used their platform to humorously encourage fans to get out the vote. Some built custom Fortnite maps, others rallied together with their fellow castmates for a fundraiser. Stephen Amell, the Oliver Queen-playing star of The CW's Arrow, took a different approach: threatening to go full superhero on any and all non-voters he came across.

Joking on his Twitter account, Amell (who's been hard at work on other physically-minded shows since Arrow wrapped its series finale in January) reminded fans just how bad it could be to get on the bad side of Green Arrow. And that's no joke. Just think of the salmon ladder strength he has — and do you really want that "You have failed this city" speech pointed in your direction?.

Take a look:

"I really wish I could vote tomorrow, but I haven’t spent enough time in the US to apply for citizenship," the Canadian actor wrote. "That’s a roundabout way of saying that if you don’t go out and vote tomorrow I’ll pop on an old Green Arrow suit, find you and break at least three of your fingers."

While there are presumably some Arrow diehards that would consider that even better than an autograph from the Arrowverse all-star, Amell caps the jokey tweet with the hashtag #Vote — reminding everyone to exercise their rights while avoiding the wrath of a superhero with a thirst for finger-cracking justice.

Those still looking to find voting information can do so here.