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WIRE Buzz: Arrow wraps final season. Plus, could The Mandalorian head to theaters?

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Nov 13, 2019, 4:48 PM EST

The genesis of The CW’s Arrowverse has ceased production. Arrow — the show all about Oliver Queen that led to The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and more — has begun its final, Crisis on Infinite Earths-focused season, and has now officially wrapped production on its final episode.

Marc Guggenheim posted the showrunners’ farewell to cast and crew on the long-running show’s final day of production, and fans of the Arrowverse may want to have a few super-tissues on hand before reading.

Take a look:

Guggenheim and co-showrunner Beth Schwartz highlighted their show’s groundbreaking shared universe positioning, with crossovers that rivaled even Marvel’s movies. Fans who have stuck with the show for seven seasons can only see this note as bittersweet, a mark of the end but a reminder of all the good that’s come before and that’s awaiting them in Arrow’s final season.

Arrow continues its final season with “Prochnost” on Nov. 19.

Next, another long-running show has made announcements about its future, as Doctor Who welcomes its 12th series with open arms and a handful of new crew members at the helm.

According to the BBC, three new writers will be joining the Doctor this season — Nina Metivier, Maxine Alderton, and Charlene James — while four new directors will take on episodes: Nida Manzoor, Emma Sullivan, Jamie Magnus Stone, and Lee Haven Jones. As Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor continues her groundbreaking run on the show, it’s worth noting that all three new writers on this season are women while the incoming directors have a 50/50 gender split.

Doctor Who plans to return to TV in early 2020.

Finally, those Star Wars fans who have managed to hold out on becoming Disney+ subscribers may end up getting to see some version of The Mandalorian anyway. Well, maybe.

Speaking to Variety, Walt Disney Studios co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn explained that hey, since Disney’s film roster is coming to the streaming service, this might become a two-way street if things really blow up. This is particularly interesting when considering The Mandalorian, as the Pedro Pascal-starring show is Star Wars’ first live-action series. Could the mysterious bounty hunter ever see the big screen?

The Mandalorian is already proving to be a big thing, Horn said, “so if that series proves to be so compelling that we reverse-engineer it into a theatrical release, a two-hour film or whatever, O.K.”

Now, that sounds like Horn is considering condensing the series down into a smushed-together feature for the big screen rather than simply greenlighting a movie with The Mandalorian as its focus. But since Star Wars strategy will necessarily have to shift after the Skywalker Saga closes with The Rise of Skywalker, it makes sense that Disney is still feeling things out when it comes to the future of the franchise.

The second episode of The Mandalorian drops this Friday.