Arrow execs explain how we might see some Justice League cameos

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Dec 17, 2012

The creators of The CW's Arrow have said time and time again that their number-one focus is to tell the story of Oliver Queen—but that doesn't mean they can't tell it with a big pile of DC cameos along the way. With the show a ratings hit, the producers seem to have loosened up about potentially seeing some Justice League members down the line.

But how would Batman and Superman work in the world of Arrow?

Basically, they wouldn't be as "fantastical" as they've been portrayed in comics, cartoons and The CW's recent Smallville. Instead, producer Marc Guggenheim says they'd find a way to reimagine those characters and themes in this parallel universe:

"You'll still hear about characters from those worlds and from those cities. We're imagining a DC universe without super-powered characters but that doesn't mean that in our parallel universe that there isn't a Metropolis or a Gotham City. There are references to places like Corto Maltese (a wartorn island) and Markovia. I would listen and watch carefully if you're a comic book fan because some of the references are really subtle and will go past a lot of people.

We've got a lot of different characters and then there are characters you may not recognize unless you're a diehard comic book fan. One of the things we've done, mainly because we're fans, is we've thrown in a lot of Easter eggs for the hardcore fans. If you're a big fan of the DC Comics universe, you'll see a lot of familiar names and places: Big Belly Burger, which is a hamburger chain from the Superman comic books makes a regular appearance on our show and we have a Big Belly Burger franchise as one of our standing sets."

Though fans are always champing at the bit to see the major characters, fellow producer Andrew Kreisberg said they're more interested in finding ways to weave smaller characters and easter eggs into the series, as to not distract from Arrow as the main hero in Starling City. Just in season one the series looks to introduce China White, Deadshot, the Huntress, Felicity Smoke and probably a few more names we haven't heard yet. But, he stressed, they're "open to anything" at some point:
"We're open to anything and everything; I'm not entirely sure you'll be seeing characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman because they're much more fantastical and right now we're focusing on Oliver Queen as being the only hero. That being said, we're looking forward to bringing on other DC Comics characters and characters that people have never really seen before or lesser-known characters. That's what's been fun for us; Superman will always get his due."
What do you think? Would you like to see a dark, grounded version of some of your favorite heroes pop up in future seasons, a la Smallville?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)