Arrow writer confirms the DC cameo we've been waiting for + more

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Dec 17, 2012

Creators of The CW's Arrow have been adamant that this DC superhero adaptation will be very different from the popular (but lovably campy) series Smallville, but it seems at least one common thread will remain—comic character cameos.

In a podcast interview with The Outhousers, Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim said the Deathstroke mask that fans thought they glimpsed in the trailer for his Green Arrow adaptation is in fact that of the famed baddie.

Plus, he may not be the only DC cameo writers have in store:

"That is most definitely the mask. I would encourage people to watch the show, particularly watch future episodes. This is a brand new take. Smallville was an amazing show, it was an incredible vision of Superman and a lot of other DC superheroes including Green Arrow. This is a different take. This is taking Green Arrow from the ground up and making him the center of a show and we have to change the tone to fit the character. [The show] will be much more grounded, more realistic because he's a more realistic superhero than Superman, he doesn't fly, he doesn't have x-ray vision, he doesn't have super powers and our show reflects that."
Superhero cameos became a staple of the show during the later seasons of Smallville, and actually went a long way toward enriching the series.

But can it work for Arrow? What do you think?

(Via Comic Book Movie)