Arrow's Diggle reveals the DC baddies that'll come to the forefront in Season 4

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Just a few weeks away from the epic finale of Arrow season three, it’s easy to see the team behind the series has been playing a long game. So, what's in store for season four?

Though we’re still dying to see how the Ra's al Ghul storyline wraps up (even as Oliver’s pending costume tuneup offers some hints), series co-star David Ramsey (John Diggle) was dropping hints to E! Online about what fans can expect in year four. Not surprisingly, Ramsey said one of the most subtle easter eggs planted over the past few seasons will finally come to fruition. That storyline? H.I.V.E.: 

“From my understanding, H.I.V.E. is going to be a big part of next season's big baddie.  We are going to delve right into why H.I.V.E. hired Deadshot to kill Andy and what H.I.V.E. is all about to begin with. There will be a lot of Diggle's connection to H.I.V.E. next season so stay tuned.”

For those unfamiliar, H.I.V.E. is the mysterious organization responsible for hiring Deadshot to kill Diggle's brother Andy, and after dealing with R'as al Ghul and Deathstroke, it'd certainly make for a unique new focus for the fourth season. In comic lore, the organization has stood for Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, and Holistic Integration for Viral Equality. It’s also had ties to several other DC baddies, which opens the door for more DC goodness.

A H.I.V.E. arc would also be a new angle to keep Diggle an integral part of the equation, and despite the apparent loss of Deadshot, could still give the writers a chance to explore the ties left behind by Andy’s storyline.

What do you think? Would you like to see H.I.V.E. be the focus of season four?

(Via E! Online)